Advertisement Rates Mod&Alt.

Mod&Alt comes out 6 times a year. Our FIRST ISSUES launches on Black Friday. These rates are BETA RATES and will increase Dec 1st.  Ad forms are located HERE.

Issue Must Reserve By Must Submit Info By
Jan/Feb Dec 22 Jan 12
Mar/Apr Feb 28 Mar 9
May/June Apr 30 May 11
July/Aug June 30 July 13
Sept/Oct Aug 30 Sept 14
Nov/Dec Oct 30 Nov 10

Reservation: A completed advertising request form must be completed. One form may be submitted for multiple months of advertisement. An invoice will be sent for the price of your selected advertisement(s). This invoice must be paid by the Reserve Date listed above. ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL.

Late Submissions: All information including articles, interviews, and graphics must be received by the Submit Info Date above. Any info received after the dates listed will incur a late fee of $100. If you reserve space and fail to submit your info after 7 days of the Submit Info Date above, you forfeit your space. Again, ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL.

Graphics & Articles: All graphics must be high resolution. We accept 300 dpi minimum of PDF, JPG, TIFF. Please submit your graphics early if modifications need to be made. Articles must be submitted in Word or Google Doc with Oxford Commas and 1 space after periods.

Types of advertising

  • There are three different ways that you can advertise your business, product or service with us. Covers (Front & Back)
  • 2-Page Spreads
  • Basic Ad


You may request to be on the front or back cover. Front covers include a 2-page spread.  Covers go quickly. Please reserve them in advance.

Front Cover $85

Back Cover $50

2-Page Spread

You can submit an informational or interview style article. These can include several photos of you and your product or service. The article must be between 400-600 words. We have the final say on which photos are used. $30

Basic Ad

Ads are ¼ of a page and square. This can be a combination of text and graphics. We will not create this ad for you. $15

Thank you for your intrest and support.