Caitlin Wells – Thermography: Self Care 2.0

Article Excerpt

A vital component to our body care is empowering ourselves with information about what is going on with it on a foundational level. Our body is the vehicle by which our dreams are made into reality and our creativity is shared with the world.  When we check in on and understand what is going on with our body, we stand to not only live long healthy lives but thrive! Prevention and awareness are the key elements. That is where a beautiful technology comes in. A way to look into the body in a painless and harmless way, to gain insight, formulate a way forward or track the progress of your ever-increasing vibrant health. A way to gain understanding and information to potentially stop diseases in its tracks, before it ever can take hold.


Caitlin Wells is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio with close to a decade of experience. In her bodywork practice, she is passionate about helping clients maintain and find their highest levels of wellness and vibrancy. She brings this mindset to her practice of medical thermography. Caitlin works in partnership with Breast Thermography International and is certified as a Thermographic Technician through PACT, a professional association that maintains the highest standards in the industry. It is a sincere hope that this technology can be used to enhance understanding and save lives. She supports and empowers people to embrace the practices of radical self-care and self-love, encouraging them to take a proactive approach to health and overall wellness. Prevention is key!