Dr. Sharice Bradford – Love and Beginnings – Issue 2

Article Excerpt

Here we are at the start of a New Year.  The month of January normally has people wrapped up in making resolutions, life changes and different choices.  No matter where you found yourself at the beginning of 2019, welcome to the New Year. The two months of the New Year often brings many people into a season of reflection.  January is the time for new beginnings, fresh starts and change, while February is the month of LOVE. My question for readers is what are you positively planning in the areas of new beginnings and love?  


Dr. Sharice is a Relational Trauma Recovery Expert. I have a doctorate in counseling psychology a master of divinity as well as certifications in other professional disciplines. I am a practitioner of metaphysics and work to help others win. I am a writer, speaker, coach, and editor.


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