Faith Clarke – Don’t Balance Anchor Instead – Issue 2

Article Excerpt

Have you ever looked at those vision puzzles where they told you ‘there are 7 words hidden in this picture….’. For most of us, if we didn’t know the words were there, we wouldn’t see them. Like many things in life, we see what we believe we’ll see.

When I look at the pull of many priorities, it’s easy to doubt this ‘one thing’ idea. My constant temptation is to control and organize life. But, if I do that as my first step, I’ll never get to my core, integrating anchor.

Belief is the lens that we wear as we process our experiences. I’m blatantly offering you another belief. You have a central, integrating structure/idea that can bring all your ‘things’ into one thing. This will make your business/life balancing act a no brainer. There’s no need to balance when you are only doing one thing.


I’m a coach, consultant, author, academic nerd, design thinker and new venture midwife. I help passionate parents of special needs kids birth businesses they love, that fit the rhythm of a sometimes crazy life, and that create more of what they want in every area of life. Parenting Like a Ninja, an autism mom’s guide to professional productivity is an Amazon bestseller and reflects my own journey with the crazy chaos of special needs parenting, and the need to harness energy and be productive. I believe entrepreneurship is a perfect, mental and psychological health choice for many special needs parents, and offer opportunity to do business differently while creating more of what our communities need. Right now, I’m excited about curating the Autistic Biz Tribe, a community of status quo busting entrepreneurs who are changing the status quo of how business is done so it aligns with the needs of our special families and special kids. I love working with moms of kids with special needs to help then see their entrepreneurial side, shift and nourish their mindset and have the courage to create what they want.


Melody of Autism