About the MOD&ALT Health Featured Contributor Program

The MOD&ALT Health Featured Contributor Program is a long-term collaborative project for writers in our magazine and blog. Here you will find information about everything you need to know about the program, the benefits and how to apply.

Contessa Louise is all about creating communities. That’s why she created the magazine, podcast and looking to create additional opportunities such as speaking and publishing. It’s our desire to attract experts who want to become frequent contributors.

Let’s get what exactly everybody is getting out of the deal.

What MOD&ALT gets:
-More articles published on our site
-More consistent content and topics that our readers can anticipate every issue
-The possibility of discovering new talent: writers, speakers for our conferences, etc.

What you, the contributor, gets:
-Great exposure! Who doesn’t want additional exposure
-SEO and sharing on social media
-The direct publishing access on Medium, having Featured Articles in our digital magazine and the opportunity to have your own podcast.

What is a good post or article?
Every contributed post or article should be written in a personal and informal tone. We want to inform but not bore our readers. Share a story and pull the readers into the experience. Show rather than tell.

What should your article be about? We don’t want to discourage your creativity. You are the expert. You know the most common questions in your field.

I know that these guidelines might feel quite vague, but that’s purposeful.  I can give you an idea of what we don’t want:
-No promotional posts. No promotional posts. No promotional posts
-Nothing is written on behalf of a company
-No product/gadget reviews. Book reviews are fine as long as it’s not your own book
-No interviews

We love opinion pieces, personal experiences, deep dives, guides, explainers, etc.

What about images?
You must have the rights to use images for commercial use or use an image from a free site from Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. You can also make your images yourself.  Please credit all photos and don’t use your own image in photos.

Should you use links?
You’re not allowed to link to your own company, blog. We also don’t allow you to provide promotional links to others. We have paid advertisement for anyone who is interested. Whenever you’re making a statement, referring to a news story, or quoting stats, include a link to a trusted source.

Borning rules
Please don’t do this…ever.
-Promotional material of any kind
-Selling links
-Plagiarism. Don’t steal content from other places
-Hate speech or anything that attacks marginalized communities

You can:
Republish your article elsewhere. We ask that you wait a few weeks and add a link back to MOD&ALT.

We always maintain our editorial rights over the articles.  That means that we can:
Change titles
Change/add images
Edit for clarity/readability
Unpublish an article for ANY REASON

How to apply
Complete the form here.

We do not respond to incomplete applications. Again, we are looking for experts to contribute frequently. Our magazine is published bi-monthly and blog articles can be published several times a month. It can take several weeks for us to contact you about your status.  Please don’t email us unless it’s been 30 days.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Featured Contributor on the MOD&ALT Platform. If you have questions that weren’t covered above, please contact us.