HEATHER FEIN – Snark Is Keeping You Stuck – Issue 1

Article Excerpt

And yet, it feels like nothing you do is working. How can the Law of Attraction be real if I’m feeling my way to better thoughts and still broke? How can I be so left behind? How is it possible for all of my “friends” to be so blind to things and not see that this stuff actually works?


Heather Fein is a mom, wife, soap maker, magic ritual guide, and facilitator of meaningful healing!

But I’d like to think I’m so much more than a mouthful of descriptions, in fact, most would argue I’m a great referee, mediator, fixer, and trusted friend!

Magic and Spirituality has always played a big part in my life, even as a young girl; apothecary, resins, crystals, and herbs were as natural to me as brushing my teeth! I didn’t take a weekend workshop to develop these skills, they’ve naturally existed within me since I got here! Authentically rooted I straddle the invisible line between science and magic – from soap making to client healing rituals, I’m as real as they get!