MARCIA WHYTE – The Skeptic Is Now A Practicing Believer – Issue 1

Article Excerpt

These are not ‘spooky’, ‘silly’, or ‘threatening’ habits; they are spiritual, inclusive and helpful … to those who will open their heart and mind to additional tools along their preferred path of faith journeying.  A big takeaway for me in all of this: religion and spirituality are mutually exclusive, but can and should, peacefully coexist.


Marcia Whyte, is a native of Chicago, IL who moved to Tennessee in 1996 and hasn’t left yet. A product of Chicago State and Roosevelt Universities and McCormick Theological Seminary, vocationally, she has enjoyed 30+ years in the ministry including successful pastorates.

Professionally, she is a former paralegal, enjoyed a 10+ year award-winning sales career and is now an entrepreneur and best-selling author. She is multilingual, fluently speaking: “Momma,” “CEO,” “Church,” “Gratitude,” and

From her own experience, she is well versed in guiding others from Loss to A Leadership Mindset and firmly believes (and teaches) ‘Relationship Over Transaction’ in business.

Her calling as a Life Coach is helping people work through tragedy to find/rediscover their purpose. Her platform as a Business Coach and Speaker is teaching professionals to become fluent in the language and practice of gratitude!


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