Happy Full Moon in June! Energetically, this period ideally lasts right from a day before, to a day after a Full moon! This June moon is also supposed to be a strawberry moon; the name popularly owing its roots to the time of the year when certain tribes in North America would harvest strawberries!

Magic, Mystery, Mysticism, & Moon! These are terms often woven synonymously with the moon! The moon has held a special significance for people across the earth since times ancient. This was especially true for days when human was living deeply connected with nature. In modern times, it holds significance & mystique for those looking for a deeper understanding of the myriad manifestations of nature, & their deep synchronicities with our lives. Many traditional celebrations, rituals, & festivities, across civilizations continue to be connected with the lunar calendar. Full moons & new moons times are held to be especially poignant times; holding intense spiritual energy, mystery, & messages.

Intriguing as I find it, to hear of the elaborate ways in healers & other spiritual people like to make use of these special moon days, I personally am, usually too laidback to do much. But, drawing the tarot is different! Even if not looking for anything specific or deep, it can be fascinating & fun! Here I have 3 separate piles or groups, with distinct messages.

My intention? Simply to ask the universe what messages this June full moon, 2019 period holds for anyone who might be attracted to these 3 groups.

So, for those of you, feeling interested, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE YET!

Simply go right ahead; take a deep breath; look at all the 3 piles & without thinking or analyzing too much decide which group instinctively beckons out most to you! Close your eyes for a brief moment if you like, to decide. Sometimes, you might genuinely feel guided to more than one pile, & that’s okay. Now, scroll down & check out the message that corresponds to the group you choose.

Prince of Wands/Hold your vision-Fixed Moon

A Prince often represents youth & idealism, & can represent either gender. Wands represent fire energy & are often about passion, action, dynamism, creativity, eagerness, resourcefulness. That is why the young dude sitting on a horse here, seems all action & energy – as of now. The final results will depend on how solid his ideas or ideals are; & how committed he /she will end up being to them, after the initial burst of creativity, enthusiasm, & sometimes, idealism! Is this you or someone else young & enthusiastic around you? You might be in an advanced stage of getting inspired by some new or meaningful or ambitious project in some part of your life; likely business or work. Some new projects/ventures might be kicking off well. There might be some exciting news or developments on the way, again possibly related to work, business, creative projects. There might even be some movement such as changing house or travel. When the moon is fixed, you’re naturally asked to hold whatever vision or ambition you have; to stay steady in it. Just make sure that this does not mean becoming obstinate & rigid, & not seeing another or a better way of doing something. Strike a balance between idealism & realism; between lack of determination & stubbornness.

King of Pentacles/The energy is gaining momentum-Waxing Moon

It is interesting that this group should draw out a King card, after the prince of the previous group. Kings are about having reached a certain maturity & experience in a certain aspect of life, & there is a certain element of dependability about them. Pentacles are all about resources, finances, physical well being, earthy needs. This card could be representing you or someone in some aspect of your life who is fairly well established in a career or trade, & often in a position of some power & responsibility. This could even refer to a business partner, collaborator, or just a benefactor who is already around, or might soon be! This could also refer to elements of yourself or another that are earthy, & well grounded, or need to be so. In terms of developments, it could refer to some financial or work related successes which have the potential of creating that stable element in your life. The waxing moon oracle card partnering with this also seems to suggest a promising time, or developments for your goals. Keep focussed, & keep working on them, & let your work gather momentum, for the energies are quite supportive for progress.

Cernunnos/Look at the bigger picture-Full Moon in Sagittarius

Cernunnos/Look at the bigger picture-Full Moon in Sagittarius Cernunnos is referred to as the Devil card in the traditional Tarot deck. This is a major arcana card, meaning, it represents some major soul lessons whenever it shows up. So, what’s the addiction or obsession you are dealing with? Or perhaps it is something that you are not as yet even consciously aware of being that! Think about a wrong relationship, thought pattern, addictive habit. There might be something that is self-destructive that you are being guided to be aware of. It could even refer to an abusive or manipulative boss or co-worker; or you have fallen into a pit of self-pity & demeaning your own self-worth, an indolent lifestyle; or sacrificing the spiritual aspect of life to overt materialism. Whatever it is, this is a reminder that freedom from the unhealthy excesses & bondage lies absolutely in your own hands. Be liberated & channel your life energy right. Sagittarius is always about idealism, big adventures, lots of freedom. Here, I see it again as a reminder to become unchained from whatever it is you are in bondage of! Also, look at things with a bird’s eye view, & allow that to guide you. Be optimistic, & spontaneous; just not foolishly overconfident or brash!

Hope you found some messages that resonated with you & made sense. Remember, this is a general draw & I did not tune in to anyone’s specific energy. For a personal reading, please feel free to connect with me through my website. New Moon tarot messages will be delivered via video, on July 2, 2019! To receive yours, please log onto my Youtube channel ‘Wellness And Essential Oils with Shuchi’

Disclaimer: Tarot can be great for gaining greater insight & clarity on the probable dynamics & soul lessons governing our lives at a given point of time. It is not a 100 percent accurate tool of prediction & should not be used as the only advise for making major life decisions.

Shuchi Arora

Author: Shuchi Arora

An empath who loves her Indian roots, but cannot always suffer ‘fitting in’; too authentic to be a conformist, too regular to wish to be a rebel; I am an Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master; Animal Reiki practitioner; Certified Aromatherapist; & a Tarot guide. Guided to explore the deeper meaning to my existence, I was always fascinated by the spiritual, mystical, & the metaphysical since mid-teenage, back in India. This also interconnected with my quest of a sense of wellbeing that was more than clinical; that integrates rather than separates the mind, body, & spirit. Through the many beautiful explorations & insights on this journey, Reiki Healing, & Buddhist Vipassana meditation (the powerful mindfulness practice first discovered by the Buddha) both became a part of my life, in 2010, & 2011 respectively. Both, brought me my first worthwhile personal experience of greater centering & deeper grounding; addressing many of my complicated inner battles. Continuously evolving on this lifelong path as a seeker, I know that absolutely everything in our life is determined by this inner state of ‘being ness’. So, I feel guided to use my own spiritual insights in combination with my holistic qualifications, to offer a heart-based; non...