‘A Search In Secret India’: Account & Chapter by Chapter Audio Rendition

Paul Brunton, A Search for Secret India

“I shall break my silence and deliver my message only when there is chaos and confusion everywhere, for then I shall be most needed; when the world is rocking in upheavals, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions; when both East and West are aflame with war. Truly the whole world must suffer for the whole world must be redeemed…”

“That is a terrible prophecy!” I exclaim. Meher Baba spreads out his thin tapering fingers apologetically… By my material efforts and spiritual powers, I shall speedily bring the conflict to an abrupt end, thus restoring peace to all the nations. Yet great natural changes must take place on this planet simultaneously. Life and property in different parts of the globe will suffer…” – An Excerpt.

The more urbane & busy locales of Bombay give way to the dusty ones of a remote sleepy village in Western India, during the last phase of British rule. It is the chosen quarters for the preparation of the rise of Meher Baba, a self-proclaimed messiah in the making; originally of Persian ancestry, one who yet only locally known, with the unfolding of time is seen to, “…rouse the curiosity of millions of people in Europe and America…”, as Brunton writes. 

Amidst fantastical prophecies of the doom looming large over the world, & astronomical plans of rescuing mankind from the consequences of its own ill actions, Brunton is also made the subject of an offer, the kind never before received by him- of being bestowed with great powers himself, & becoming a divine messenger, should that be his will! Forever conscious of keeping his logic, & investigative attitude intact in the midst of very different belief patterns of the group people he categorizes as ‘Orientals’, he is yet keenly aware of the need to keep an open, uncritical, non-resistant mind.

His own sense of scientific reason & intellectual sanity is further amazing & tested as he delves into the bizarre aspects of Meher Baba’s past, & his journey from sanity into insanity, & from there, his miraculous rise into a spiritual super figure, claiming to be destined to create a new, cosmopolitan, & better world order of peace. 

Brunton also experiences a soul penetrating meeting & prediction from Hazrat Babajan, the mysterious & very old woman fakir or mystic, who now seems nearing the end of her life, on her street abode. It ends up leaving him more mystified than he had expected.

Click on the link to listen to my audio rendition of the intriguing chapter 4, of this path-breaking spiritual classic. Also, feel free to go back to listen or re-listen to the rendition of earlier chapters.

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Shuchi Arora

Author: Shuchi Arora

An empath who loves her Indian roots, but cannot always suffer ‘fitting in’; too authentic to be a conformist, too regular to wish to be a rebel; I am an Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master; Animal Reiki practitioner; Certified Aromatherapist; & a Tarot guide. Guided to explore the deeper meaning to my existence, I was always fascinated by the spiritual, mystical, & the metaphysical since mid-teenage, back in India. This also interconnected with my quest of a sense of wellbeing that was more than clinical; that integrates rather than separates the mind, body, & spirit. Through the many beautiful explorations & insights on this journey, Reiki Healing, & Buddhist Vipassana meditation (the powerful mindfulness practice first discovered by the Buddha) both became a part of my life, in 2010, & 2011 respectively. Both, brought me my first worthwhile personal experience of greater centering & deeper grounding; addressing many of my complicated inner battles. Continuously evolving on this lifelong path as a seeker, I know that absolutely everything in our life is determined by this inner state of ‘being ness’. So, I feel guided to use my own spiritual insights in combination with my holistic qualifications, to offer a heart-based; non...