A thrill of eeriness spreads over my nerves as I distinctly feel his heart completely stop its rhythmic functioning. The pause lasts for about seven anxious secondsAs the organ returns to life from its seeming death, relief seizes me. The beats begin to quicken and normality is safely reached at length.”…

Did you feel the heart stop?” “Yes. Most distinctly.I am certain that there was no hallucination about the feat. What other strange Yogi tricks can Brahma play with his internal mechanism, I wonder? As if in answer to my unspoken thought, Brahma says: It is nothing compared with what my master can achieve. Sever one of his arteries, and he is able to control the flow of blood; yes, even to stop it! I too, have brought my blood under some measure of control, but I cannot do that. An Excerpt.

Destiny seems to support Paul Brunton when he succeeds in breaking past the mysterious South Indian Yogi Brahmas disinterested & aloof exterior. This victory allows him brief access to not just the Yogis inner warmth, & outer minimalistic way of living, but also the rarest of rare fortune of being invited to witness with his own eyes, unimaginable human feats of body control! Act after the yogic act is performed right inside Brahmas own living quarters, right under Bruntons nose. And, there is no trace of boastfulness in the Yogis demeanor; only a matter of fact presentation of his skill of ancient life knowledge. It leaves Bruntons logical mind no choice but to be left in silent awe & reluctant acceptance of the realness of what he sees; & personally verifies.

And yet, he is led to believe that what hes been shown is just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, there existed such advanced secret Yogic combinations for complete control over life itself, that they could only be performed by a handful of complete masters! Brunton realizes for the first time that there certainly was nothing foolish, or rudimentary about Yoga. While the best of the educated Western world he knew was still obsessed with mere sophistication of physical activity, here was a wholly preserved antiquated science, with the capacity of complete control over the life current itself!

He realized that there was way more to Yoga than he, or as yet, the whole West was even ready to be aware of. The body, & breath are mere vehicles; the ultimate coveted end of all Yoga is spiritual. It is the highest merger of all- the one with the divine source.

Brunton is also left completely mystified by his parting gifts from Brahma– an actual telepathic message conveyed for him by Brahmas absent master; and, a telepathic way for him personally to connect to Brahma, anytime, anywhere!

Click on the link to listen to my audio rendition of this absolutely fascinating Chapter 6, form this path-breaking spiritual classic. Coming up soon is, Chapter 7, The Sage Who Never SpeaksAlso, feel free to go back to listen or listen again to the past rendition of Chapters 1 through 5.

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Shuchi Arora

Author: Shuchi Arora

An empath who loves her Indian roots, but cannot always suffer ‘fitting in’; too authentic to be a conformist, too regular to wish to be a rebel; I am an Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master; Animal Reiki practitioner; Certified Aromatherapist; & a Tarot guide. Guided to explore the deeper meaning to my existence, I was always fascinated by the spiritual, mystical, & the metaphysical since mid-teenage, back in India. This also interconnected with my quest of a sense of wellbeing that was more than clinical; that integrates rather than separates the mind, body, & spirit. Through the many beautiful explorations & insights on this journey, Reiki Healing, & Buddhist Vipassana meditation (the powerful mindfulness practice first discovered by the Buddha) both became a part of my life, in 2010, & 2011 respectively. Both, brought me my first worthwhile personal experience of greater centering & deeper grounding; addressing many of my complicated inner battles. Continuously evolving on this lifelong path as a seeker, I know that absolutely everything in our life is determined by this inner state of ‘being ness’. So, I feel guided to use my own spiritual insights in combination with my holistic qualifications, to offer a heart-based; non...