I look at my watch. Two hours have passed. The Yogi still shows no signs of emerging from his long trance. The sculptural rigidity of his form is remarkable. I am prepared to stay all day in order to achieve my object, in order to interview this strange man. But the attendant now comes up to us and whispers that it is useless to wait any longer. Nothing will be gained by doing so. If we come again in a day or two, better fortune might be ours; nevertheless, he cannot promise anything definitely…

When you go again to Yogis who are in deep trance, never disturb them by such actions. Do not attempt to break in abruptly upon their meditations. In my own case it did not matter, but I tell you this to guide your future actions when you try to see other Yogis. Such interruption may be dangerous to them and they might put a curse upon you.It is evidently looked upon as a minor act of sacrilege to penetrate the solitude of such a man, so I express my regrets– An Excerpt.

The discovery of information about a Yogi in deep trance naturally enthuses Paul Brunton enough to make perseverant attempts in order to get access to him. This exercise leads the Englishman to some more fascinating insights. It also further fuels the fire burning deep within him; of wanting to know what he yet does not; of the highest spiritual truths.

The Yogi wanted nothing more from the world but to be left alone, submerged in the inner recesses of his mind. Why did he then, end up finding shelter inside a city, instead of deep inside a jungle or amidst the hidden caverns of desolate mountains? What was it that made him so oblivious to his external world, whether it was the scorching sun rays burning his bare skin; merciless rain beating down upon his head; insects crawling over him; or hooligans pelting stones at him? Most importantly, how were men like him, with all their obvious spiritual attainment & mystical power, any help to humanity, when they sought no engagement with the civilization? These are not just Paul Bruntons questions.

Whether you have been following this first of its kind, breathtaking spiritual journey in the heart of India, right since Chapter 1, or whether youve just joined, Chapter 7 promises to keep you thoroughly engaged. Click on the link to start listening away, at your leisure. Coming up shortly, is Chapter-8, With The Spiritual Head Of South India.

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