PATRICIA AMORIM – Battling The Green-Eyed Monster While Co-Parenting

Article Excerpt

One of the most common conflicts in co-parenting disputes are the parents not being accepting of their coparents’ partners.

Those conflicts are mostly derived from jealousy and feelings of inadequacy. Feeling this way can create a lack of confidence or not being satisfied with where you are in life right now. Jealousy can be an evil emotion and usually reactive with anger, aggression, and hostility. You can distinguish each feeling by how you act or react in your interactions with your estranged ex and family.


Patricia Amorim is a Family Mediator and CoParenting Coach. She was born in Portugal and lived in the United States for the past 10 years. Patricia has 3 sons with 3 different CoParents. She developed a passion for family law when she went through a challenging divorce and could not find enough resources to help her own family, so she decided to be part of the change in Family Disputes.


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