Sarah Lucille and Alix – Sex & Healthy Relationships When You Work With Your Partner – Issue 1

Article Excerpt

One night I thought we might not make it if we kept working together.

We had hit a wall in communicating about a project and all could feel the tension throughout the house. Even the dogs knew to lay low and cease from begging for space on the couch.


Sarah consults & mentors new health coaches and educators. She has a way with words and listening to what clients are trying to communicate about what they do, as coaches and helps them put together the words they’ve been seeking all along. Communicating, speaking, and curriculum creation are her beloved specialties. She will also help set up the technology required to take their message online from website creation to walking clients through all the steps.

Alix is the go-to person when clients don’t have the time to tackle all of the images they want to create for websites, social media, and other marketing materials. She picks up on who someone is very quickly and work with clients to make sure what they get truly reflects who they are and what they’re trying to communicate.