‘A Search In Secret India’: Account & Chapter by Chapter Audio Rendition

This chapter explores all that sustains & intensifies young Paul Bruntons desire to visit India – both, the inner workings of his mind; its thoughts; & desires, as well as the outer workings of his environment. The universe works through synchronicities; all the more when we are cued in to its guidance in relation to our life & its path. An amazing series of coincidences, one after the other, seem to make Pauls path amply clear to him, even as he experiences an increasingly restless struggle to be able to realize his desire of traveling to the mysterious land of the yogis.

Please click on the link to listen to this weeks audio rendition of this great spiritual classic. The journey has only begun. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.


Audio Rendition Chapter 2: A Prelude To The Quest

Shuchi Arora

Author: Shuchi Arora

An empath who loves her Indian roots, but cannot always suffer ‘fitting in’; too authentic to be a conformist, too regular to wish to be a rebel; I am an Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master; Animal Reiki practitioner; Certified Aromatherapist; & a Tarot guide. Guided to explore the deeper meaning to my existence, I was always fascinated by the spiritual, mystical, & the metaphysical since mid-teenage, back in India. This also interconnected with my quest of a sense of wellbeing that was more than clinical; that integrates rather than separates the mind, body, & spirit. Through the many beautiful explorations & insights on this journey, Reiki Healing, & Buddhist Vipassana meditation (the powerful mindfulness practice first discovered by the Buddha) both became a part of my life, in 2010, & 2011 respectively. Both, brought me my first worthwhile personal experience of greater centering & deeper grounding; addressing many of my complicated inner battles. Continuously evolving on this lifelong path as a seeker, I know that absolutely everything in our life is determined by this inner state of ‘being ness’. So, I feel guided to use my own spiritual insights in combination with my holistic qualifications, to offer a heart-based; non...