‘A Search In Secret India’: Account & Chapter by Chapter Audio Rendition

Dr. Paul Brunton A Magician Out of Egypt

Paul Brunton finally fulfills his long harbored dream- of landing on Indian soil! But this is just the very beginning of his journey of discovering what he has set out to discover, seek, verify through his own senses & intellect. The road ahead is certainly long, unsure, & not everything promises to be as easy as the comfortable service of the luxurious hotel he has chosen for himself; the humid heat of the bustling, commercial, coastal city of Bombay to begin with. Yet, the thrill of his first exciting encounter in India, unexpectedly right within this hotel, & all that it unveils for him, sustained by the hope of so much more, makes even his first mosquito bites more bearable!

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Audio Rendition Chapter 3: A Magician out of Egypt