I remember pulling my son out of school because I knew he deserved a better education than what he was receiving.  I wish I had someone like Dr. Tiffany McKinnon-Russell of Thoughts of a Homeschool Mom to guide me through the homeschooling process. 

What do you do?

Founder Dr. Tiffany McKinnon-Russell told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “My services are two-fold. I provide homeschool resources, training, and consulting for new homeschooling families. I also provide coaching to offer guidance, encouragement, and a safe space for moms.

What makes you different?

Your family is unique and that matters.

McKinnon-Russell says.”My business is known for fully embracing the uniqueness of your child and family in the process of creating your homeschool program. Everything begins with gaining a clear understanding of your family dynamic and how your child learns.

How your Business Got Started?

No one like to feel overwhelmed.

McKinnon-Russell explains.”I started my business because I wanted to save other new homeschooling moms from the overwhelm and confusion I experienced at the beginning of my journey. My goal is to help moms teach their children with confidence, clarity, and creativity, without worrying about looking like everyone else!

Biggest Win?

I helped 5 moms like me.

McKinnon-Russell adds, “My biggest win happened when I launched my first email course in 2017 and helped five moms gain clarity around their homeschooling style. I knew then, that I was on to something and I wanted to help as many moms as I could. This experience also helped me gain more confidence around sharing my homeschool knowledge and committing to empowering other moms like me!”

What would you do differently?

McKinnon-Russell explains, “I wouldn’t worry about looking and sounding like anyone else. Being too concerned with fitting in, instead of standing out, was a waste of precious time. The good news is that I’ve learned that lesson and moved on. I know my approach is unique and necessary.”

Interesting Fact?

McKinnon-Russell shared, “I very rarely work without my daughter somewhere close by. She is my inspiration and my biggest cheerleader. When I need a break, we have dance battles!”

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Author: Contessa Louise

Contessa Louise Cooper is an author, advocate, entrepreneur and healer. She is the Creator of Modern & Alternative Health magazine and the founder of MAACenter for Autism. She provides safe spaces for individuals can be their authentic selves so they can begin a holistic and spiritual healing process. Contessa is no fluff and will dive deep into your physical, mental, and spiritual health to facilitate your wellness journey. She understands culture, spiritual beliefs, and self identify plays an important role in your healing process. She sees clients locally and through virtual appointments worldwide at ContessaLouise.com/