I know what it is like to try to bootstrap a business and not be able to find the resources that you need. I often thought, “This shouldn’t be this difficult.” Thanks to Maisha Rush and Rush Consulting Firm, it no longer is. 

What do you do?

Founder Maisha Rush told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “We offer consulting that inspires and gives you clarity. We also provide coaching that pushes you beyond your comfort zone to build a quality brand.”

What makes you different?

Budget-conscious offers.

Rush says.”We create budget conscious offers that are time respective, yet effective, in building a successful business model.”

How your Business Got Started?

Affordable resources and help. 

Rush explains.”I started this business when I could not find the resources and help I needed, on a budget that I could afford when trying to start another business. Upon doing market research, turns out that is why a lot of businesses fail. I decided to be the business that stood in that gap.”

Biggest Win?

Mention in Swagher Magazine. 

Rush adds, “The biggest win in our business history is when our work was recognized by Swagher magazine.”

WHat would you do differently?

Rush explains, “I would change nothing because where we are now is not only a reflection of the hard work and dedication we put into our business but the knowledge we have therein. Any struggle we have had has led to success.”

Interesting Fact?

Rush shared, “I am a homeschooling mother of 10.

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