Reiki can give us a sense of well being and healing. It can reduce stress and promotes relaxation. No wonder we are turning to Reiki with our fur babies and other animals that we care for, Thankfully, Shuchi Arora of Antahsaara has an open heart and a loving spirit to guide us through the process. 

What do you do?

Founder Shuchi Arora told MOD&ALT Health Magazine, “I love ‘Reiki-ing’, as I like to say, anyone, & everyone, including animals, since training as an Animal Reiki Practitioner. On a more sober note, through personal experience, I think there is nothing that Reiki can not guide one through. I’m passionate about bringing Reiki healing into the mainstream consciousness that it deserves, & about educating more people to not underestimate its immense empowering potential just because it uses terms like ‘energy’, ‘highest good’ etc. The insights received through Reiki, in turn, also be led to study, & start offering distance Tarot services. I also offer Aromatherapy consultations & education in self-empowering use of essential oils.

What makes you different?

I live the Reiki life.

Arora says, “I’m still a youngling in business. But, my confidence to feel as ready & as able as anyone else to offer what I do, comes hugely from the fact that nature has made me authentically live the lessons that it has now guided me to offer.

When there is a physical or emotional issue with myself or a loved one, my instinctive first resort IS turning to Reiki or Aromatherapy! When a client gets ‘The Hermit’ card during a Tarot reading, I KNOW of the experience of solitude & the intense inward journey it is pushing them into! And that for me, is my biggest strength, & the crux of any heart-based business; certainly the only kind I could even be inspired into.

How Your Business Got Started?

Divine timing (and nudging).

Arora explains, “I still would have been using Reiki only for self-healing, had I not been guided by a series of very pointed synchronicities, by whoever my divine guides up there are! Like my long forgotten Reiki Certificates neatly falling out of my cupboard back in my parents’ home while on holiday in India, when I was all set to just start offering Aromatherapy. Or a lucrative offer for technical writing that was suddenly & randomly offered to me on a platter, right before this India trip, by a professional acquaintance of my husband, being suddenly withdrawn. (My guides didn’t want me to go that way!).

Biggest Win?

Soul connections

Arora adds, “My biggest ‘win’ as of now, has been, being told unexpectedly by many unconnected energy sensitive people how “pure”, or “sparkly” they felt my vibes were! That, & discovering that I could receive psychic insights while healing. I am not a psychic medium, & I do not ‘see things’ (thankfully!). So, I got goosebumps & shivers the first time I placed my Reiki hands on my someone during my Reiki Master level training, & got deep insights which only they knew! It was then that my teacher revealed how sensitive she knew my energies were. Of course, these insights will also only be those which a person’s higher self does want to be shared with them for a purpose, through me. But, it makes me feel deeply grateful that I can often share some soul level information with people who’ve just been used to maybe popping a pill; & excited by the relevance this holds in guiding wellness that is more than just skin deep!

What would you do differently?

Arora explains, “If I had known back in high school or college what I do know about myself & my path today, I would most definitely have opted for more topics, & professional studies that were in line with it. Such as, instead of Political Science in a proper prestigious college, I would have chosen to study something like Ayurveda at a vocational college. I was always spiritually & holistically inclined, so I often marvel now at why two & two never added up to four for me at that time! But, I totally trust that nothing goes waste & that there is a divine reason for any wait- for me, I believe it to have been a long initiation through soul lessons!”

Interesting Fact?

Arora shared, “Honoring an animal is absolutely key for an Animal Reiki session. As a practitioner, you need to ‘know’ whether an animal has given its consent or not. It’s an honor to be allowed by an animal to connect to its heart space. However, should it choose not to give consent, you simply do not go ahead with the session at that time, no matter what benevolent ideas you or its owner might have had!

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Author: Contessa Louise

Contessa Louise Cooper is an author, advocate, entrepreneur and healer. She is the Creator of Modern & Alternative Health magazine and the founder of MAACenter for Autism. She provides safe spaces for individuals can be their authentic selves so they can begin a holistic and spiritual healing process. Contessa is no fluff and will dive deep into your physical, mental, and spiritual health to facilitate your wellness journey. She understands culture, spiritual beliefs, and self identify plays an important role in your healing process. She sees clients locally and through virtual appointments worldwide at