Sunshine Boatright – 7 Signs You May Be a Modern Mystic

Article Excerpt

I don’t have all the answers, none of us do. But we’re more likely to find the answers that serve us the most by taking the deep dives inward. That I truly believe with every electric fiber of this spiritual and totally human being!

The truth is, I’d fought and second-guessed this path of mine for, well, the better part of my entire life. Funny, yet not-so-funny how that works yeah?

So in that spirit, I thought for this mystic-cherry-popping experience, it would be a super groovy idea to take you through the signs of whether or not you may be a modern mystic, yet unaware. This isn’t an exhaustive list, and of course, it’s not the answer as to whether or not you are – only you can answer that, but it’s a pretty epic start.


Sunshine Boatright is a Spiritual Alchemist, Energetic Healer, Modern Mystic and Creator of “Good Morning Sunshine”. She lives in Savannah with her now-retired husband of 25 years, her special needs son, and all the fur babies that man can handle! When not musing, giving readings or writing, she can be found either with a great book, watching amazing movies, or rocking her heart out at an epic concert. She knows that life is made for the now AND the long haul and that you can never have too much coffee or chocolate for both.


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