Tee Renee – How becoming a “Baby Daddy” made me a better mother and co-parent- Issue 2

Article Excerpt

I had no intentions of becoming a single mother, let alone take on the role as the non-custodial parent…but as fate would have it, this became my life. My own choices led me to a path of single-motherhood. I won’t place total blame on the men I bore children with, as most women do. I can’t “blame it on the alcohol” or anything else, but my dumb self! I consciously chose to have unprotected sex with three men I should’ve never been with to begin with. So, I take full responsibility for my actions.


Tanisha “Tee Renee” Gladney is a self-proclaimed “reformed” single mother of four beautiful children; three boys, Anthony 17, Darion 12, Jaiden 9, and Crystal, who died when she was 4 ½ months old July 7, 2003. Having gone through almost every possible “baby mama/baby daddy” situation, Tee Renee decided that something must be done, not only in her life but the lives of others, to rectify the stigma of single parenthood and co-parenting. Knowing that the work needed to start with her, she embarked on a crusade to heal herself first and then work on mending the relationships with her children’s fathers.


Co-parenting SUCKS With Tee Renee