THERESE HEART – 3 Ways Oracle Cards Inspired Me to Live – Issue 1

Article Excerpt

It is safe to work with cards. They are tools in which we can invite the Divine
— the Angels, Ancestors, and Spiritual Guides — in every decision we do, so that we can build a mindful and meaningful existence that brings out the best in us and heals the worst in us. Cards are tools we can use to bring to light what is hidden in our unconscious and subconscious and understand how these construct our world and our reality.


Therese Heart (formerly Therese Castro) is Psychic Guide, Metaphysical Educator, Author and Gender and Development graduate. In spite of the parameters that genetics, the environment, and systems set over us, there is a Spark – a potential and capacity – within all of us that enable us to override the destinies our mental illnesses, societies, and generational karma destine us to have. Through intuitive ability, divination, metaphysics, and psychotherapy modalities (EFT, REBT), Therese connects clients to surrounding opportunities, alternative routes and life-affirming actions and thinking, inner strengths, hidden lessons and blessings and their innate capacity to co-create with Spirit.