Therese Heart – Healer, show yourself! Channeled Wisdom from Spirit Guides Mercury and Master Buddha

Article Excerpt

First, know who you are and your soul urges. Very likely if you are reading this magazine, you are a healer archetype and also desire to contribute to improving society and uplifting the world. Do you know the medicine is you? It’s in your story, what you’ve overcome, what you’re healing, and your quirks and traits. Now you are tasked to share yourself because out there in the world, there is someone wishing they had known you to know that what they are going through is real and valid and that a good life is still possible for them. Healer, show yourself! The first step is to know yourself.


Therese Heart is a Psychic Guide, Angel and Reiki Healer, and Metaphysical Educator from the Philippines. Combining metaphysical tools (Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand cards, crystals, Light Language), psychic abilities, psychotherapy modalities (REBT) and active listening, she helps sensitive clients dealing stuck in patterns of past and recurring pain regain control over their lives through aligned action, perspective, and co-creating with the Divine. Therese believes in teaching her clients grit and resilience as well as grace and synchronicity. She loves making videos and blogging about grounded, context-sensitive self-help and spirituality. She is a Feminist and Gender Advocate.