TY JOHNSON ANDERSON – When Your Baggage Manifests Physically – issue 1

Article Excerpt

It’s become a trend to be a self-proclaimed empath, but this often is mirrored by a sense of victimhood; being at the whim of your environment, unable to process the feelings and emotions of other people navigating your sphere. Ultimately, I believe everyone can qualify as an empath; however, I found that true empathic individuals process things on an energetic level differently, not realizing why they got sick or can’t lose the weight. 

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Ty Johnson Anderson is a master manifestor that just so happens to be a psychic medium. She helps to heal karmic cycles that keep you stagnant, releasing them so you can manifest your life’s desires.

She’s been featured in Glamour and Girls Life magazine, and various other local publications and industry sites.

Her motivation is to remind you that you are worthy of more and deserve the life you want. Miracles are your birthright.


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