Victoria Crossman – Auric Layers for Advanced Chakra Healing

Article Excerpt

When most people hear of chakra work, they think of the main seven (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown). Then they balance those seven chakras accordingly. However, there are many ways you can balance your chakras in a non-linear way. We all have an aura or energetic field around us.


Victoria Crossman is a magic and mindset mentor who teaches women-identifying and non-binary people how to heal and cope using crystals, tarot, essential oils, herbs, meditation, journaling, and more. She primarily works with people who have an intense desire to heal holistically and improve their spiritual tool kit. She lives with her wife and son, and a slew of animals in Cincinnati, OH. Victoria is also passionate about LGBTQ+ activism, intersectionality
within feminism and is a public speaker, author, musician, and artist.



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